LumbarLume Sciatica Belt || Turn on the Red Light, Turn off Sciatica

LumbarLume Sciatica Belt || Turn on the Red Light, Turn off Sciatica

"I immediately enjoyed the LumbarLume belt on the first use. I am recovering from a lower back injury and I felt noticeably better and more relaxed." - Susan D.

Does sciatica or lower back pain have you down?

  • Give our LumbarLume Sciatica Belt a try — we're confident it can help ease your sciatica and lower back pain in just two weeks, or we'll give you your money back!

  • Experience natural pain relief (no need for harsh painkillers)

  • Say goodbye to costly chiropractor visits

  • Imagine having your own in-house physical therapist (and saving more cash for you)

  • Harness the power of Red Light Therapy, offering deep healing to your joints and muscles, all from the comfort of your home.

Explore a Quicker, More Efficient Way to Ease Sciatica & Lower Back Pain

Explore a Quicker, More Efficient Way to Ease Sciatica & Lower Back Pain

Living with lower back pain can feel like you're constantly walking uphill. 

Simple things like getting out of bed or climbing stairs become daily battles.

It's as if sciatica and lower back pain add years to your life, and not in a good way. 

You may have tried everything: chiropractor visits, stretching, massage guns, or exercise routines from the internet. 

But it seems like these solutions only offer a brief respite before the pain comes back knocking.

Ignoring it isn't an option either, as this could lead to bigger problems like arthritis, dependence on painkillers, and even the possibility of risky surgery. 

This is where our LumbarLume Sciatica Belt steps in, using the revolutionary technology of Red Light Therapy to target and soothe your discomfort. 

It's not just about immediate relief — this belt aims to tackle the core issues causing your pain.

By using the LumbarLume Sciatica Belt daily for just two weeks, you can start unlocking lasting benefits and bid goodbye to the relentless pain.

Experience Pain Relief With The LumbarLume™ Sciatica Belt


Lower Back Pain

Hip Pain

Pelvic Pain

Chronic Back Pain

SI Joint Dysfunction

Experience Pain Relief With The LumbarLume™ Sciatica Belt

After more than a year of fine-tuning and over $210,000 invested in laboratory tests, we finally perfected the LumbarLume Sciatica Belt.

It stands alone in its category with a unique trio of key features: Red and Infrared Light Therapy, cell rejuvenation, and targeted pain relief.

This optimal blend is our 'secret formula' to fight against sciatica and lower back pain. It has already helped countless customers find relief from their discomfort.

Using it is a breeze — just twenty minutes a day can start easing your pain. 

Imagine being able to embrace life fully again!

  • Approved and endorsed by professional chiropractors

  • Offers relief from sciatica, lower back pain, SI Joint pain, and hip discomfort

  • Lets you return to your favorite activities, like hiking, cycling, and jogging, free from pain

  • Provides an alternative to potentially risky and invasive surgeries

  • Saves you time and money compared to less effective alternatives

Unlock Unprecedented Healing

Out of our belt users who had been struggling with back pain, sciatica, and SI joint dysfunction, here's what they reported*:

(*These results come from a consumer test involving 187 participants.)

felt a significant decrease in their pain from the very first day.

bid farewell to their sciatica after just 2 weeks of consistent use (an average of 20 minutes per day with our belt).

waved goodbye to their lower back pain after 2 weeks of consistent use (an average of 20 minutes per day with our belt).

Why Does the LumbarLume Work So Wonderfully?

Why Does the LumbarLume Work So Wonderfully?

Have you ever wondered why red and infrared light can bring such effective pain relief? Let's break it down!

The secret lies in the light's ability to reach deep into your body. 

It's not just a superficial treatment. 

The LumbarLume harnesses infrared light waves emitted by LEDs to treat the deep tissues beneath your skin.

How does this work? 

These therapeutic light waves promote cell regeneration and increase blood flow deep within your body.

It's like sending a healing energy wave straight to any damaged or injured cells.

When these cells receive this energy boost, they can perform better, regenerate, and repair any damage.

This is the magic of near-infrared therapy - it reaches places other treatments can't, kick-starting the healing process right where it's needed most.

Imagine this healing light increasing blood flow and revitalizing your tissues, muscles, tendons, and even bones.

That's the power of the LumbarLume Sciatica Belt!

Unleash a Better You with LumbarLume:

Unleash a Better You with LumbarLume:

Don't just take our word for it, hear what Susan, one of our happy customers, has to say:

"Since using the LumbarLume, my life has taken a positive turn. My days of constant discomfort have been replaced with the joy of movement.

Before, I was always cautious, always aware of my back pain. It was like a dark cloud constantly over me. 

Even simple activities such as bending to tie my shoes felt like a chore.

But LumbarLume has been a game-changer! 

Now, I can do my gardening without fear, play with my grandchildren, and even join dance classes that I once thought I'd never be able to.

My family is thrilled at the transformation. 

They say I'm back to my old energetic, lively self. 

And that’s the best compliment!"

If you're tired of your pain restricting your life, LumbarLume is your ticket to a happier, pain-free existence.

Backed by Expert Support

Backed by Expert Support

Our LumbarLume Sciatica Belt didn't just pass our own rigorous tests, but has been thoroughly evaluated by dozens of chiropractors and their clients with severe back issues.

Hailed by a vast number of these professionals as one of the quickest and most efficient means of obtaining pain relief wherever and whenever needed, LumbarLume is your trustworthy partner in combating discomfort.

Absolutely Risk-Free Purchase with Our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Absolutely Risk-Free Purchase with Our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Got your back, literally: If LumbarLume Sciatica Belt doesn't deliver the relief you seek in under 30 days, we don't deserve your hard-earned money! 

With our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, you're completely covered. 

Simply reach out to our friendly customer support team at, and request a full refund.

We understand, making online purchases can sometimes feel like a gamble, but with LumbarLume, it's a risk-free experience. 

Try it out, and if it doesn't make a difference to your life, no worries, we'll ensure you're not out of pocket.

To keep you in the loop, we ship all our orders with tracking numbers and keep you updated as your order journeys towards you. 

So, you can sit back, relax, and anticipate the arrival of your LumbarLume Sciatica Belt.

Shining Light on the Truth: More LEDs Don't Equal Faster Healing

Shining Light on the Truth: More LEDs Don't Equal Faster Healing

We know you value efficiency, so we've packed the LumbarLume with 105 LED beads (3 chips in 1 bead) to provide ample coverage without overwhelming your body or your budget. 

More chips and light density aren't always better — it's the effective utilization of red light therapy that makes a difference.

Imagine LEDs are cooks in a kitchen. 

Do more cooks promise a better meal? Not at all! 

Sometimes, they might end up stepping on each other's toes,messing up the recipe. 

Similarly, more LEDs don't equal faster healing. 

It's the perfect blend of light intensity, wavelength, and exposure time that cooks up the healing magic.

Overloading on LEDs can be like adding too much salt to a soup - it doesn't make it tastier, but might spoil it instead. 

It could even irritate your skin, like over-salted food can upset your stomach. 

And yes, a crowded kitchen (or LED-packed belt) comes with a heftier price tag!

So, don't fall for the 'more LEDs, more healing' notion. 

LumbarLume Sciatica Belt delivers the right measure of red light - safe, potent, and wallet-friendly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can LumbarLume improve my life?

- Easing lower back and sciatica pain naturally and effectively.

- Boosting your mobility to enjoy your favorite activities.

- Saving time and money by reducing chiropractor or therapist visits.

- Elevating your mood and comfort by reducing pain.

- Encouraging an active and healthier lifestyle.

What makes it so efficient for dealing with the sciatica pain?

LumbarLume's magic is in its ability to kickstart your body's own healing process. 

It's like a superhero's secret weapon that encourages your cells to work harder and better. 

The Red and Infrared light gets absorbed by your cells, giving them a sort of 'energy boost'. 

This helps them repair and rejuvenate themselves, reducing inflammation and healing sciatica. 

It's like your body's natural repair system on fast-forward!

When will I feel the relief?

You might start to notice relief from discomfort as soon as after your first session with LumbarLume. However, keep in mind that everyone's body is unique, and it can take up to a few weeks of regular use for some people to experience significant pain reduction. Just remember to be patient and consistent with your treatment.

How frequently should I use it?

To get the best out of LumbarLume, use it every day, twice a day for 20 to 30 minutes per session. For optimal results and safety, avoid using it on the same body area for more than an hour each day. Remember, consistency is key.

What is LumbarLume used for?

LumbarLume is primarily used for alleviating discomfort and promoting healing in the lower back region. It's particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from conditions such as sciatica, lower back pain, hip pain, and Sacroiliac (SI) Joint pain. The device uses red light therapy, which is known to aid in reducing inflammation, stimulating blood flow, and promoting cellular regeneration. It can also serve as a great tool for general wellness and preventive health care, helping to keep your lower back strong and resilient.

How long will the lights last?

Our medical LED lights will last over 10,000 hours, so you won't have to replace them - they will last for a lifetime.

What is the difference between Red and Infrared Light Therapy?

Think of Red Light Therapy and Infrared Light Therapy as two superheroes with different superpowers.

Red Light Therapy is like a gentle superhero who works on the surface. It's great at fixing skin problems and reducing inflammation. It's like a gardener who makes sure the topsoil is healthy and plants are thriving.

Infrared Light Therapy, on the other hand, is like a deep-sea diver. It goes deep inside your body, up to several centimeters, reaching muscles, nerves, and bones. It's perfect for taking care of deeper issues like muscle and joint pain.

LumbarLume is their super team, combining their powers for the ultimate healing synergy, working on all levels of your body's tissues.


The area where the LED lights are is 6.5 Inch (16cm) wide and 22 Inch (56cm) long.

The complete length of the wrap is 49.5 inches (126cm), and it's 7.1 inch (18 cm) wide.


Medical Lights: 42 x Infrared 850 nm lights + 63 x 660 nm lights for a total of 105 light beads
Power: 20W
Flicking mode at 10 Hz (can switch on/off): penetrate deeply in the body.

4 levels of brightness (intensity).

Timer: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 min

Mode: 660 nm only, 850 nm only, both 660/850 mn.

Light density (max): 660 nM: 22 mW/cm2; 850 nM: 122 mW/cm2; both: 115 mW/cm2

Material: Neoprene
Weight: 13.5 Oz (380 g)

What is your shipping policy?

All orders are processed and shipped within 1-3- working days of the order being received. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking number to track the delivery of your order.

Standard Delivery within USA - 1-2 weeks, International Delivery - 2-3 weeks.

We offering various types of delivery, please check availability at the checkout.

What is your return policy?

The 60-day Money-Back Guarantee is our way of ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return any item in its original condition and we will gladly provide a refund, replacement, or an exchange. All returns and exchanges must be submitted via

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DeeTrade Back Support LumbarLume Sciatica Belt || Turn on the Red Light, Turn off Sciatica
  • “I suffer from sciatica and lower back pain. After using LumbarLume sciatica belt, my muscles relaxed and I felt better.” 
    • Jenny G.

    4.9/5 Based On Happy Customer Reviews

  • Alleviates Pain, Boosting Regenerations

  • Helps with Sciatica, Arthritis, Pinched Nerve, Muscle Spasms

  • No More Medications and Expensive Therapies

  • Natural, Painless and Safe Treatment

What Makes the LumbarLume™ Sciatica Belt so Unique?

LumbarLume™ Sciatica Belt vs Back Braces vs Chiropractors: Stop Pain at the Source

The LumbarLume™ Difference:

Innovative Red Light Therapy

Direct Pain Relief at the Source

Long-lasting Effects

Non-invasive, No Medications Involved  

Enhances Blood Flow and Promotes Cell Regeneration 

Cost-Effective, One-time Purchase 

Back Brace


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