Tara Loafers


Enjoy the perfect Spring & Summer shoe. Tara Loafer is here for your comfort during vacations and everyday occasions. 

A vibrant, detailed shoe is what you need during hot days. These simple-to-wear slides are ideal for a carefree day.

Slip-on and go. Wherever you need to be!


BE THE FASHIONABLE ROLE MODEL:Perfectly thought-out details create a design that presents well while taking care of you. Fun colors and timeless style make a shoe loved by all generations.

COMFORT WHEREVER YOU GO:The soft suede encompasses your feet comfortably and helps alleviate existing conditions as well as prevents new ones from developing. 

BRING A DASH OF COLOR INTO YOUR LIFE: Tara brings a smile to your face. Fun elastic closure, silver elements, and a fresh outsole finish join together to create loafers that are new and current. 

SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR LOVED ONES: With a shoe that is made to be walked in, you can spend more hours on the go. Enjoy activities with the little ones and participate, creating new, unforgettable memories.

WALK CONFIDENTLY: This is the shoe for you; the woman that loves to be herself and shows off her personality proudly. 

Soft ankle support keeps you comfortable and blister-free. Breathable fabric helps you stay fresh at all times and reduces the risk of fungi-related ailments. Elastic closure for easy and convenient wear saves your time. A comfortable insole provides the perfect shoe to walk in all day long. The sewn finish creates a slip-on loafer that is of top quality.