Flora Loafers

Light Blue
Dark Red

The cute Flora Mules add a casual look to a chic and classic design and keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Whether you need to work long hours at the office or have to commute by foot excessively, these cute loafers will be your comfy-buddy.

All through the day, Flora keeps your attire tasteful.


STAY STABLE NO MATTER WHAT:A low sole with pads helps you feel confident on your feet. Extra grip, better stability and wonderful padding create paradise for your feet. 

BE COMFORTABLE AS YOU WORK:Flora fills the need for a shoe that does not make your legs tingle after long hours in action. Thanks to the gentle cow leather, you are set to thrive.

EXPRESS YOURSELF: Let the artist within appreciate beautiful prints and the skill of those who work with their hands, share your sense of style with the world. 

BASK IN QUALITY: Flora is hand-stitched by our craftsman and leather-crafted by skilled artisans. It is a shoe that elevates you to the heights you deserve to know. 

BE READY FOR ANYTHING:Thanks to the versatile design, you can wear Fauna anywhere. Family gatherings? Check? The office? Yes! Light stroll around town? Absolutely.

The softness of genuine cow leather envelops your feet and creates a shoe that feels like a house slipper. A padded insole paired with innovative outsole redistribute walking pressure and alleviate stress put on your legs. A mid-sized sole supports most foot types and accommodates existing health conditions. Breathable aesthetic detailing creates a one-of-a-kind slide.