Selena Summer Sandals


Selena High-Fashion Sandals are here to support you through the hottest summer days. Go to the beach, walk down the promenade or lounge in the backyard with these amazing flip-flops.

A cute ruffle accent paired with a soft cushioned insole lets you stay comfortable. Forget about throbbing and flat feet that regular flip-flops often create.

A fashionable slip-on for every occasion in your life.

  • A padded insole that supports the curve of your feet
  • Low heel for added style and comfort
  • Made of quality artificial leather to preserve our fauna
  • Vibrant and bright colors that pop
  • Non-rubbing design to avoid blisters and discomfort
  • Minimal sweating with a smooth material 

Selena shoes make you feel like a pop star with minimum effort. The high-end style in combination with a simple flip-flop design lets you slip in and go when you are in a rush. Just like you, the shoes look fabulous.