Ruth Comfort Slip-On


When you take living actively seriously but also want to get ready fast and go, Ruth Slip-On sneaker is here for you.

This season's trendsetting pastel tones and classic colors are here to highlight your feminine side while pumping you up and encouraging you to share your strength.

Ruth is high fashion, athletic wear, and casual daily styles all in one.NO MORE IMPACT PAINS:a chunky flexible outsole protects you from the pressure of walking,giving you additional hours of pain-free movement. 

SOFTNESS THAT ACCOMMODATES YOU:A cloud-like insole conforms to your feet, making you feel like you are walking on clouds.

BE A PART OF SOCIAL GATHERINGS: Easy wear paired with secure elastic knit lets you join your family on long walks in the park.

LEAD AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: A breathable mesh fabric that stretches to your needs avoids an environment of moisture. Stay healthy and fungi-free, be comfortable as you work out.

SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FRIENDS: Perfect outsole curve supports health and long walks on the beach with your girlfriends or significant other.

Forget about tying laces and all the tedious times when they come undone while you jog. Our comfort shoes offer security with powerful elastic without torturing you as you try to put the runners on. Breathable, lightweight, and durable, these are the sneakers that will travel many miles with you.