Raven Fashion Sneakers

Size Guide

The colorful Raven Runners are here to dazzle and stun while you walk the streets.

Bring the confidence within to the front and strut to your destination radiating happiness

Choose between pastel, neons and neutrals. Choose what describes you the best!

BE THE FASHIONABLE ROLE MODEL: Join every family gathering and create irreplaceable memories with the little ones, even when it is a day spent on the move. Zoo visits, picnics and hiking trips are possible thanks to a cushioned insole.

EMBODY YOUR YOUTH: Maintain the muscle mass in your legs. The sporty Raven lets you walk without pain longer through a rubber midsole that redistributes the walking impact pressure.

WALK BRISKLY & WITH CONFIDENCE: A smart non-slip outsole keeps you stable when on the go. You can focus better and reach your goals with confidence.

TREAT YOUR FEET RIGHT:Don't sacrifice your well-being for fashion. Choose a shoe that has been designed with your health in mind and looks stunning, earning you complements, everywhere you go.

AVOID THE DEVELOPMENT OF HEALTH ISSUES:The lightweight upper stretch fabric breathes as you walk. It lets you avoid sweatiness that could lead to athlete's foot and protects you from pains that existing health conditions create.

The fashionable Raven boasts a thick outsole that adds an inch to your height, a stretchable upper material that adjusts to your needs and works around existing conditions as well as a lightweight overall design that lets you fly free.