Phoebe Fashion Sneakers


Cotton candy, the iconic red lipstick, and the little black dress. They all have something in common. The trendsetting Phoebe sneaker is here to transfer timeless designs onto a modern fashion sneaker

Not only does the comfort shoe deliver on popping tones, but it is also easy to wear. Running errands, taking a stroll or even going on a hike is no obstacle when you are wearing Phoebe.

A dash of high fashion in a sneaker is exactly what you need.

  • INCREASE: Thick platform sole that adds a bounce to your step
  • QUICK: Side zipper closure that lets you slip into the shoe and go
  • MADE: Faux leather material that helps save the animal kingdom
  • CARE: Easy cleaning with a wet wipe to let you save crucial time
  • LUXURY: Aesthetic outside design paired with a golden logo
  • COMFORT: A cushioned ankle that keeps blisters from forming 

The Phoebe sneaker is the ultimate lazy girl treat. It is easy to put on and take off while requiring minimum care. The PU leather does not soak up dirt therefore stains are not something you will ever encounter. Instead, enjoy a running shoe that looks stunning and screams ''high fashion''.