Paula Sneakers


The sleek Paula Sneaker offers unmatched stability and enhanced height in absolute 100% pain-free all-day comfort.

thick platform wedge supports your feet and re-distributes pressure in a healthier way. High-end materials in a feet-conforming design accommodate existing conditions and prevent new ones from developing.

✔ Relaxing fit for your feet from day one
✔ Specifically designed to be worn for long hours 
✔ Added height comfort platform
✔ Time-efficient zipper & Velcro closure
✔ Sleek compliment-inducing design

SOFT COTTON LINING: be a part of family game night, play Twister without twisting an ankle

CURVED OUTSOLE SUPPORT: an orthopedic design promotes your leg strength and prevents you from developing new health issues

SUBSTANTIAL PLATFORM: short girls can now enjoy a boost in their height during music festivals

CLOUD COMFORT CUSHIONING: the best choice for a busy woman who moves all day long

ADORING COMPLIMENTS: dashing design elements let you shine when you meet with the girlfriends