Paris Warmth Sneakers

The double threat Paris Boot and Sneaker combo are here to stay by your side through all the mountain climbs.
Slip-in and go with innovative stretch closure that gives you freedom.
Save every minute, create new stories of your life.
NO MORE COLD DAYS:With incredibly warm inside protection and champion outside security, you are warm no matter what. Even if you struggle with Raynaud's syndrome.
AMAZING MEMORIES CREATED:Go outside with the small ones, build snowmen and create snow angels. Participate in the snowball fight and laugh to your heart's content without any pain that could hold you back.
ALL CONTROL IN YOUR HANDS: Take charge of your life and revisit your bucket list. Things you thought were behind you and couldn't be achieved anymore might just deserve a second chance.
STYLE THAT MAKES THEM GASP:When you walk the streets in Paris, all eyes are on you. You look amazing and your girlfriends will attest to that.
SUPERIOR GRIP FOR UNMATCHED STABILITY: There is a lot of ice when it is cold outside. Walk without the worry of shoes that are more like skis. Paris has grip and it is powerful.
The absolute convenience that is Paris means that you no longer have to lean over to tie ties or deal with backache constantly. Even pressure redistribution alleviates the strain on your nerves and lets you feel like nothing is impossible. Warm insole and faux fur lining let you thrive in winter, while water-resistant finish leaves you worry-free.