Noah Hiking Sneakers


Noah Runner is the shoe that empowers you to continue on, to stay strong and reach your goals.

Live an active lifestyle and create precious moments with your loved ones.

Hike long, climb high, run far!

SHARE LIFE WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER: We have limited time with our beloved which makes the memories we create together precious. Spend your best days together doing long walks in the park while laughing about all the good days.

MEET UP WITH FAMILY OFTEN:Health can be your everyday reality. Treating your body right means staying active and exercising, without pain or sacrifice, through a shoe that cushions every one of your steps.

THE RIGHT FOOTWEAR: The Noah Hiking Runner Hybrid is the perfect shoe for long hours on the move. A complete health and comfort build supports your joints and feet, from air cushioning to superior arch support.

STABLE ON YOUR FEET: We know how important it is to keep your bones intact as years pass by. A heavy-duty ultra-grip outsole reduces trips and falls caused by momentary disorientation or slippery surfaces.

LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE:When you finally want to achieve all the travel, hiking and exercise goals that you have set in life, Noah will increase your strength.

A smart ultra-curve hiking boot design accommodates your foot as you participate even in the most strenuous of activities. A durable high-traction outsole creates superior stability and grip. A cushioned insole provides your foot with a solid base. Trek through mud with these water-resistant and shock-absorbing sneaker hikers.