NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat PRO

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     Have you ever been frustrated with the physical discomfort of swollen legs and varicose veins? Take it from us; we know how painful this can be. Not only does mobility become limited, but the pressure and pain levels go up too - making your day feel that much harder to handle.

     NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat is an ideal solution for those struggling with varicose veins. Daily use of this device for 15 minutes will reduce irritating symptoms, including stiffness and pain in the joints, tingling sensation, or foot pain associated with these vein-related issues. Experience relief from uncomfortable discomfort today - if you don't love it we'll give your money back!

 Benefits of NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat for Varicose Veins  
  • NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat helps to improve blood flow through the body, relieves pain, lowers pressure, and treats varicose veins.
  • NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat provides a natural way to target varicose veins without relying on harsh painkillers. Utilizing electrical stimulation, the device creates muscle contractions that act as an additional heart by propelling blood retrogradely from legs and other areas affected with varicose veins - creating an effective treatment solution!
  • It reduces leg edema, increases lymphatic drainage, and eases tight and painful joints.


     A staggering 30% of adults suffer from Varicose veins, an affliction that causes prominent bulging in the legs and feet. These swollen blood vessels are often caused by age-related deterioration or lifestyle factors such as excess weight, restrictive clothing, and long periods of standing. Symptoms can include pain, itchy skin, leg cramps, and swelling - making this a condition experienced by many but truly understood by a few. 

Varicose Veins Treatment 

     For those suffering from the uncomfortable symptoms of varicose veins, the NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat is an ideal solution. This discreet product provides soothing relief by improving circulation and reducing inflammation in strategic areas to reduce vein pressure for long-lasting comfort. Experience noticeable improvements in soreness and pain management with just a few short sessions!

     Nourish your body with NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat! This revolutionary device uses electrical signals to cause blood vessels to widen, optimizing the flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body for improved overall health.

Instantly Eliminates Foot Pain 

     If you're experiencing burning and sharp pain in your feet, it's likely an indication of severe swelling that can cause disruption to your daily routine. Ignoring this warning may lead to long-term issues such as immobility, surgery, or reliance on medication - not something any of us want! Consider taking action now before the problem escalates further!

     Enjoy healthy feet in as little as 10-15 minutes daily; the NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat relieves pain with Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation. Reap the benefits and feel more comfortable when walking, running, or standing for long periods of time!

Neuro Electrical Stimulations as a Breakthrough Discovery

     Understanding the pain and discomfort associated with varicose veins can be frustrating, especially if you've invested time in alternative remedies that have failed to yield any results. Reassuringly, though, this failure is not due to your own efforts - many treatments out there simply don't tackle the root of the issue.

 A unique solution for varicose veins, the NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat offers a non-invasive method of treating this common affliction - utilizing electrical stimulations to trigger controlled muscle contractions and improve circulation without causing joint damage. The perfect option for those seeking relief from uncomfortable vein conditions!

 The Perfect Therapy for Varicose Veins 

     Let your feet soak in the soothing relief with the NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat! With 6 massage modes and 19 intensity levels, this unique system penetrates deep into tired tissues to give you dynamic results. Enjoy an instant feeling of pleasure and comfort with every use!

     The unique vibrations generated by our device stimulate the production of collagen, an essential building block for healthy skin and bones. Not only does it help to strengthen your skin's elasticity & flexibility with keratin-filled connective tissues, but also protects you from developing varicose veins through improved venous return & reinforced blood vessels.

 Professionally Designed & Recommended for Varicose Vein Treatment 

     If you're in need of relief and traditional massage therapists or podiatrists are costly or not easily accessible, the NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat offers a great solution to help ease your discomfort quickly.

     After three years of research and extensive laboratory testing, we are proud to unveil a revolutionary product created with innovative combinations - all at the cost of over $135K: 

  • Laboratory-tested frequencies that effectively reduce inflammation and discomfort connected with varicose veins for fast, targeted relief
  • Electrical stimulation is scientifically validated to boost blood circulation around the body
  • Achieving a reprieve from chronic foot pain requires an all-encompassing approach. By addressing various aspects of the condition, immediate relief was found!

      Unlock lifetime wellness at a fraction of the cost of one therapy session! Invest in yourself now and reap the rewards for years to come: experience lasting benefits at over 80% less than traditional therapeutic methods.

 Foot-Saving Benefits of NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat 
  • This is an FDA-approved product (Class II Medical Devices)
  • Has been expertly designed by doctors
  • Provides a fast, effective solution to varicose vein problems
  • Providing increased mobility and flexibility through improved blood circulation
  • Rejuvenate your tired feet
  • Rapidly ease your foot pain

 Treatment of Varicose Veins and Improved Quality of Life 

     Varicose veins, foot discomfort, and swollen ankles can ruin your life - from daily discomforts to preventing you from wearing the outfits of your dreams. But with NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat, regular use provides relief for those unpleasant ailments associated with varicose veins so that you not only look good but feel great too!

     Find yourself the relief you deserve now! With the NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat, not only can your foot discomfort be soothed, but many additional advantages come along with it:

  • Improves your collagen production, eliminating the appearance of varicose veins
  • Increased productivity and focus at work
  • Helps you relax while improving your mood
  • Develops the foot pain-free life
  • Helps you to get back on track and reclaim control of your health!


 Remote Control Operated: Stay relaxed in a comfortable position on the NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat by controlling it with the included remote control.

Easy Storage: Simply roll up the NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat when your massage is complete for quick and convenient storage. It rolls up like a small yoga mat!

Customized Massage: Choose from 19 levels of intensity for your massage, as well as 6 different massage modes. Each day is another on the body, and you can choose the massage you need for it with each use.

USB Powered: Charge the NMES Acupoint Massaging Mat via the included USB cord (Type C). No expensive batteries need, and no need to be near a wall outlet during use.