Nala Slip-On Slides


Shimmy around in happiness while wearing the versatile Nala Sneakers without the usual fatigue from uncomfortable shoes.

Enjoy padded wear that lets you move freely.

Nala is your favorite shoe for backyard BBQ's, jogs in the park, and all-day walking.

DANCE AGAIN:Do the vogue like it is 1990. With a shoe that stretches around your feet, you can forget about bunion pains and smile as you let go.

DON'T MISS A MOMENT:You can accept all the invitations of fun with your friends. Walking, jogging and movement put less strain on your legs.

TAKE CHARGE:What seemed like an unbearable chore can now be a moment of independence. With less pressure on your heel, you can skip the tinglingand run errands smiling like a sunshine.

COMFY LIVING: Nala is so amazing, you can wear it as a house slipper and feel like you are walking on clouds. It is the best choice for an everyday shoe.

LOVE YOUR FAMILY:Every moment with those precious to you is important. Create more active memories with the grandkids by becoming part of the gathering.

Lightweight mesh breathable upper material lets you feel free while in Nalas. A substantially curved sole supports the shape of your foot and a padded insole keeps you comfortable. Retain the muscle mass in your legs by working out without pain for a longer period of time.