Montana Slip-On Sneakers


Slip into and go with the classic Montana Sneaker. A simple design meets elastic security that provides you with a shoe that will stay secure.

Do sports or participate in daily activities while wearing the breathable slip-on. Choose to stay at home and lounge in the slipper-like shoe.

24/7 is a possibility when you wear Montana.

  • Breathable mesh material prevents heavy perspiration
  • Soft insole material that feels like walking on clouds
  • Lightweight design that imitates house slippers
  • Flexible outsole for unrestricted movements
  • A convenient bootstrap helps you pull on the shoe
  • Different design knit for added fashion sense

Montana simplifies your life and lets you save time when it is time to leave the house. It is convenient and simple yet features colour-popping tones that catch attention. Forget about sweating and go sock-less. Enjoy the summer with a shoe that will not let you get hot.