Meca Runner

Go light pastel or bold color with the perfect Meca Runner. Stay active or do a fun BBQ with the family in the comfortable shoe that just gets you.
A classic sneaker meets innovation intones, Meca is a fun spin on a timeless design. 
Bring back the bounce to your step with a bang.
A BOOST TO YOUR HEIGHT:With more than an inch of the carefully designed outsole that reduces strain on your lower body, you are guaranteed to be just a tad taller.
ACTIVE OR LEISURE, ATHLEISURE:How you spend your time is your decision. That is why Meca is made to support every choice you make.
UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES THAT LIGHT UP YOUR SMILE:With a better shoe, walking becomes so much easier. It is a privilege, not a chore, that lets you do so much more.
A LIFESTYLE THAT HELPS YOU WITH SELF-LOVE:When wearing Meca and retaining muscle mass in your legs, years are no longer an obstacle to your movement. 
DESIGN FOR EVERY GENERATION:The best advantage to a fashionable shoe is that you can dress up to match with your family and girlfriends. Once it is on your feet, everyone wants a pair.
Gel-cushioned heel support is paired with a padded insole that further promotes better walking pressure re-distribution. High-end breathable mesh in combination with reinforced solids creates a long-lasting shoe. A curved non-slip outsole seals the deal on a cloud-like design.