Mary Trainers

Dark Gray
US Sizes

Step in comfort and style with these striking Mary Trainers.  These sneakers are a must-have for a bold and beautiful woman. 

The runner looks stunning paired with black jeans or playful shorts.  Finish the stylish sporty look with a white tee.

Mary means freedom. Freedom to move and live to the fullest.

RUNNING PAIN-FREE:With an athletic design, Mary is made to handle stress put on your legs. Walk longer distances, enjoy your surroundings better, and never fall behind.

SOCIALIZING ON YOUR FEET:Make the conscious decision to lead an active lifestyle. Meeting up with your girlfriends? Choose to do so in the park where you can stroll or do yoga together.

KEEPING UP WITH THE YOUNGER ONES:Weakness in your legs and loss of coordination are real. However, there are tools that can make it easier for you. Like a bounce shoe that lets you join in on the fun.

LIVING YOUR DREAM: If you have always dreamed of climbing a mountain, you still can. With amazing gear, you can scale the highest heights at your own pace.

BOASTING YOUR SUCCESS:Just like age is just a number, your circumstance is just one variable. Enjoyment should not have an expiration date, and Mary makes sure you know it.

Boasting a bright-hued design and a durable and comfortable sole that adds almost an inch to your height. Breathable canvas lining lets you stay dry and moisture-free as you move all-day long. Lightweight upper mesh is the perfect addition to an active lifestyle. A rubber sole accommodates your feet and lets them sink in, creating a feeling of walking on clouds.