Libby Loafers

The fashionable Libby Loafer brings your sunny personality forth and lights up the world of those around you.
A lovely design paired with comfortable lining makes your feet sing.
Hand-stitched perfection is here for your discretion.
WALKING ON CLOUDS:Thanks to the padded cow leather insole, your walking is comfortable at all times. Libby slip-on loafers feel like house slippers that you can take outside.
PRETTY MEETS FASHION, MEETS COMFORT:A style that makes you smile and feels like you could dance all day long. Between powerful colors and high-end materials, Libby fulfills all its promises.
NO MORE SLIPS AND FALLS:Thanks to a low sole that keeps you firmly planted on the ground, you can walk confidently and worry less about unexpected tripping that could lead to injuries. 
A QUEEN AMONGST FRIENDS:You are the fashionista of your clique, a trendsetter that wears what she loves and inspires others to wear Libby and dress like royalty.
WALK EVERYWHERE YOU GO:Thanks to the superior design of Libby, walking is easier. Pressure is distributed evenly, so you can enjoy long strolls in the park.
A sturdy design paired with a non-slip outsole and padded natural leather insole. A comfortably low design with a slight curve to accommodate your feet creates a perfect fit for all-day pain-free walking. With a priority on the softness and quality of the shoe, Libby is truly a woman's best friend.