Ibiza Sandals

Size Guide
Wine Red

Introducing Ibiza Sandals. These foot-conforming comfortable shoes are made to fit your feet perfectly and help you look fabulous.

Enjoy the warm summer breeze and have the best vacation in a tropical land with these easy-to-wear heels. Thanks to the innovative design, wearing the wedges is simple from day one. 

For your ultimate comfort:

  • Easy-closure zipper 
  • Soft insole protects your feet
  • High-end material creates a long-lasting shoe
  • Soft PU leather helps preserve endangered species
  • The sewn finish adds a classy finish

Avoid blisters and enjoy your leisure time on your own terms with the Ibiza Sandal. It is fun and rich in color, wears easy, and stays in-style no matter the year. With every little detail meticulously crafted, this mid-heel is the ultimate fashion shoe for a brave, strong woman that is about to have the time of her life.