Ibiza Sandals

Wine Red

Introducing Ibiza Sandals. These foot-conforming, comfortable shoes are made to fit your feet perfectly and help you look fabulous.

Enjoy the warm summer breeze and have the best vacation in a tropical land with these easy-to-wear heels. Thanks to the innovative design, wearing the wedges is convenient from day one. 

Ibiza is for your ultimate comfort and style.

DANCE FREELY AND WITH GRACE: With every little detail meticulously crafted, this mid-heel is the ultimate fashion shoe for a brave, strong woman that is about to have the time of her life.

THE FASHIONISTA IN TOWN:Avoid blisters and enjoy your leisure time on your own terms with the Ibiza Sandal. It is fun and rich in color, wears easy, and stays in-style no matter the year.

BE A LITTLE TALLER: Be taller without the sacrifice of tingling feet, tired from wearing uncomfortable shoes. Ankle support and perfect fit eliminate the challenge.

STAY STABLE EVEN IN HEELS:Thanks to a convenient non-slip outsole, you do not have to lose even more of your sense of balance. Ibiza boasts a modest height in combination with a secure design.

BE THE EMBODIMENT OF BEAUTY:Your inner and outer allure should always shine bright. When you feel confident in what you wear, you radiate.


An easy-closure back zipper lets you enjoy all the advantages of a fashionable sandal without having to deal with inconvenient buckles. A soft insole protects your feet from strain, while a wedge heel adds a feminine look to an already cute shoe. Soft faux leather finish imitates the authenticity of genuine leather without animal sacrifice. Hand-sewn accents showcase the high quality of the shoe.