Erica Platform Sandals


Like a gentle summer breeze, the airy Erica Sandal is here. Enjoy all that the world has to offer in a comfortable platform that brings you to new heights.

A timeless design meets colors that you can match with any garment. A convenient height gives you an extra boost of confidence

Erica is for the woman that loves wearing dresses and skirts.

  • Elastic closure lets you slip in and out easily
  • Metal centrepiece elevates your look 
  • A slight platformgives you a couple of extra inches
  • Soft insole keeps you comfortable even with a heel
  • Mix and match with other cheerful colors
  • The perfect hot weather shoe that lets you breathe

Dance in the rain and forget about the world around you in the comfy Erica Platform shoe. The twisting upper design adds a bit of spice to the otherwise classic sandal. Soft artificial leather straps lay gently against your foot and prevent any rubbing from happening.