Debra Slip-On Slides


The padded perfection that is Debra Lace-Less Sneaker lets you walk on clouds as soft as cotton candy.

Add a pep to your step in these bouncy slip-ons that treat your feet right.

Enjoy comfort galore and discover a whole new world.

STAY ACTIVE FOR DECADES:With the extra thick support, you are guaranteed to feel so much better even after walking for hours and putting your legs through exercise. 

NEVER MISS A MOMENT:Forget about hiding away during family gatherings to rub your tingling feet. Debra acknowledges existing conditions and conforms to your needs while preventing new issues from developing.

STAY ACTIVE, STAY HEALTHY: As time goes by, it becomes harder and harder to move without pain. Through these innovative shoes, you feel less pain and can retain your way of living longer.

EXTRA INCHES TO YOUR HEIGHT: Become a bit taller without losing stability. A non-sip sole lets you walk through life with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

THE FASHIONISTA OF YOUR FRIEND GROUP: Debra is stylish, effortless and luxurious in its minimalistic design. You can match these shoes with any outfit and look stunning. 


With Debra, you are sure to retain the muscle mass you need to live a healthy lifestyle. A curved reinforced outsole distributes walking pressure while a padded insole provides an optimal environment for your feet. A breathable upper mesh reduces perspiration and lets you exercise without breaking a sweat.