Cleopatra Sandals


The colorful Cleopatra Strappy Sandal cheers up your summer and brightens up your day.

The geometric print in different tones adds a unique flair to the beautiful shoe. An open-toe design keeps you cool during hot summer days.

Let the song of the ancient world bewitch you.

  • Curved back zipper closure for a perfect fit
  • Colorful straps adorned by geometric art
  • Soft inner zipper cover to avoid rubbing
  • A comfortable insole that supports the shape of your foot
  • A low heel that adds an extra curve for your foot position
  • Anti-slip textured outsole for fewer slips and no falls

The classic design of a timeless Roman sandal is elevated by a vibrant multi-colored strap design that brings cheer to its wearer. A double strap style gives you extra security while a chunky back zipper pull grants easy access while blending in seamlessly with the rest of the shoe.