Claudia Sandals


Enjoy fun summertime with Claudia sandals! The shoes are comfortable from day one and look fabulous with any garment.

The fun sandals come in classic colors that you can match with any garment. Dance in the rain and enjoy ice cream as sun-filled days cheer up your life.

When you are ready to let the child in your heart out, Claudia is here.

  • Simple adjusting and velcro closure for an active lifestyle
  • Natural curve outsole for healthy living and walking
  • Quality stitching that creates a durable shoe
  • High-end rubber outsole that withstands the heat
  • Cruelty-free artificial leather to preserve our fauna
  • Soft material that prevents rubbing

Thanks to the minimal platform, the sandals are perfect for all-day wear and prevent your feet from becoming fatigued. A fashionable symmetrical design with many openings creates a shoe that has a healthy amount of air circulation, therefore, keeping perspiration at a minimum.