Christina Slip-On Sneakers

Wine Red

The pastel tones and potent darks are here to stun. The Christina Slip-On Sneaker is the one shoe that every woman loves thanks to the rare colors it features and the comfort it brings.

Thick breathable knit keeps you cool during hot summer days, long jogs and exhausting days filled with errands. 

When you want fashion but do not crave a heel, Christina is here.

  • A soft-health sole keeps your life pain-free
  • A breathable mesh prevents sweating
  • Moisture-wicking fabric properties keep you fresh
  • Outsole curve that supports your health
  • Soft material that is gentle against your skin
  • Easy pull-on and wear when you have to go

Enjoy a blushy pink and match it with other beautiful colors. A lilac purple reminds of all the beauty that fresh blooms of Spring bring to life. Rich burgundy, like a well-aged wine. Classic black that you can wear with anything. Christina has so much to offer to a woman that knows her worth.