Brooke Boots


When winter blues got you bad, the Brooke Boots is here to warm up the frozen heart.

A warm insulating fur is here to create a wonderful situation for your feet, heat that beats cold and keeps you healthy.

Slip into the boot and forget about the sub-zero.

NO ICE CAN STOP YOU: A stable sole lets you cruise through the chill confidently. Nothing can stop you when you are safe on your feet and going where you need to be.

SINK INTO THE CLOUDS:The incredibly soft, dream-like lining isolates you from the digits below zero. These warm and stylish boots are the right solution for you, especially if you struggle with Raynaud's syndrome.

WINTER FUN WITH FAMILY: Don't become isolated. With the right gear, you can create brand-new memories building snowmen, snow angels, and igloos with the youngest ones of the family.

NO TEMPERATURE-CREATED PAIN: If cold affects your arthritis, it is best to bundle up. Brooke does just that, creating an environment in which you can thrive.

TOP-NOTCH STYLE:Practicality meets fashion in this mid-thigh bootie that will be the talk among your girlfriends. Brooke is sleek, fun and creates a thousand compliments wherever you go.

The water-resistant upper material is a dual-threat that also keeps cold wisps of wind away. Adjustable laces let you create the perfect fit. An animal-friendly, faux fur and imitation leather keep you toasty while considering the well-being of the world around us.