Brigit Flats


Time to bedazzle those around you with the amazing Brigit Flats. Stylish, comfortable, and reliable, these are the shoes that every woman should have. 

A fashion statement that makes you feel good, Brigit lets you walk for hours. 

For a gathering with friends or lounging at home, this is the right shoe for you.

THE TRENDSETTER AMONG FRIENDS: The fun colors of these incredible slides make you smile and share a slice of happiness with your girlfriends

THE COOL RELATIVE: Be the life of the party in every family gathering, with a shoe that is loved by kids, teens, and adults alike. 

SHINING BRIGHT: Return vitality to your step through a shoe that wraps around existing conditions and alleviates the pain of walking pressure.

LOUNGE IN STYLE: A slip-on that is as comfy as a house-slipper, you can wear Brigit all day long and enjoy a good time.

FOOT HEALTH FIRST: To prevent new health conditions from forming, Brigit is convenient to wear, looks stunning, and puts your well-being first through an ergonomic sole.

Environment-friendly faux leather is paired with fun fashion elements. A thick rubber sole distributes walking pressure optimally to increase your ability to walk longer. A soft insole accommodates existing conditions like bunions and calluses and prevents pain.