Ashley Slip-On Runners

The thick sole that Ashley Slip-on Sneaker features are the perfect choice for short girls. 
A curved design creates a perfect fit for convenient walking.
Ashley is an explosion of color, style galore, and comfort embodied.
TALLER THAN YESTERDAY: The amazing boost that Ashley creates is an uplifting way to make you feel great. The wonderful, sleek design is on your side at all times.
AVOID TRIPS AND FALLS: A new sense of balance is what a sturdy, dependable sole brings. Don't lose to gravity, strut with confidence.
CREATE NEW MEMORIES:Spend meaningful time with your loved ones by joining all the activities that would otherwise be impossible for you. 
STAY IN CHARGE: Thanks to an ergonomic design, you can walk in Ashley for hours and feel the minimal strain. 
MAKE MEANINGFUL CHANGES:Take charge of your life again and do whatever your heart pleases. The sky is the limit when you are in shoes that make you feel like you could fly.
With a trendsetting anti-slip outsole and a padded comfort insole, Ashley provides the conditions for pain-free all-day walking. Color-popping styles are here to brighten up your day and bring a smile to your lips. An extra inch added to your height boosts confidence and elongates the legs.