Oceana Runner

Enjoy the cool breeze in your hair and waves of the ocean with the Oceana Sports Sneaker
With an athletic shoe that hits all your fashion goals, you are set for any activity every day.
Add that spring to your step and smile bright, without pain.
RUN LIKE A STORM: Thanks to the sports-first design of this versatile sneaker, it supports your legs and feet in all the right ways through evenly distributed walking pressure. 
LIVE WITH JOY:Forget about discomfort and retain the muscle mass in your legs through walking. You can now stroll for hours without worrying about impending pain.
MEET WITH YOUR FAMILY:Start saying ''YES'' to all the fun events that your family holds. Hiking, picnics, rowing, and zoos. You can be part of it all!
ENJOY EVERY MOMENT:Savor surrounding experiences without uncomfortable distractions. Let your mind fully submerge itself into the beauty of this world.
PRESERVE YOUR HEALTH:With substantial outsole padding, your feet can experience more while feeling less pressure. Stability and comfort are on your side.
A simple non-slip outsole keeps you stable, while a padded insole adds a layer of comfort to your daily life. Breathable upper material promotes air circulation and reduces perspiration-created moisture. An ankle tab helps you put on the stretchy shoe that accommodates pre-existing conditions, while a cool pattern adds a unique element to the sneaker.