Mithril Pattern Sneakers


Boost your life with the Mithril Platform Runner that lets you start your day from a winning position.

With a fun pattern, your smile can match your style.

Get that height and be confident in yourself.

STAY AS STABLE AS EVER:Thanks to the pronounced curve of the fashion sneaker, your walking is relieved and pressure is re-distributed away from the sensitive areas on your feet.

SET TRENDS AMONG YOUR FRIENDS:The unique shoe is made to look fun and refined at the same time. It is the perfect choice for a sporty day or a book club meeting with your friends.

CREATE PRECIOUS MEMORIES WITH LOVED ONES:Take the little ones out for long days of walking in the Zoo. Watch their bright smiles and enjoy them together, in complete comfort.

EXERCISE WITHOUT PAIN:When you make the choice of leading an active lifestyle, pain should not have control over what you can do. Mithril is designed to support your movements while preventing discomfort from appearing.

TAKE BACK THE CONTROL:Do everything you desire without having to worry about your body being able to handle it. When your feet feel great, the rest is even better.

A non-slip outsole prevents slips, trips and falls, while a 2-inch boost adds to your height in the most comfortable way. Fun patterns mixed with breathable fabric that reduces perspiration lets your feet breathe. Reinforced faux leather elements are strategically added for fashionable impact, durable wear and additional protection around your toes.