Julia Skaters

Dark Blue
Light Blue

With an innovative touch to the well-known design, Julia Sneakers is for the woman that loves to be light on her feet.

Beautiful colors interact with new, innovative design elements that elevate the old-school look to new rights while displaying your personal sense of style.

Wear the classic tennis shoe your way!

  • Vulcanized solethat lasts
  • Comfortable everyday casual sneakers
  • Low sole tennis shoe that fits your foot
  • Durable canvas materialwith a fun fringe
  • High-grade rubberfor ultimate longevity

The soft fringe serves not only as a fashion statement but also as a soft ''bumper'' for your ankle. Wearing these amazing trainers is seamless, your comfort starts from day one and never stops. All the materials of the shoe are long-lasting and durable, it is the perfect option for a mom on the go and woman looking to conquer the world.