Allegro Dance Sneaker

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Allegro Jazz Dancing Sneaker is the dance shoe of your dreams, made for dancers at a professional level.

Thanks to a versatile design, even beginners will feel like they have danced forever while wearing the fashionable shoe.

Fun colors and heart-stopping rhythms meet in Allegro.

DANCE LIKE A PRO:Through extremely lightweight design that incorporates an extensive range of materials and technologies, Allegro meets a desired performance of a pro dancer. 

STAY DRY EVEN WHEN TWIRLING AROUND ALL DAY:The dancing shoe boasts a breathable upper mesh that keeps you perspiration and fungi-free during practice.

NO PRESSURE ADDED:Thanks to the innovative curvature of the 2 inch/ 5 cm platform heel, you experience less stress on your legs while dancing to your heart's content.

FORGET ABOUT EXISTING CONDITIONS:A medium fit and stretchy Lycra lining conform around your feet, letting you ignore bunions and even Athlete's foot.

TEACH LITTLE ONES THE LANGUAGE OF DANCE:You can be active, keep your health pristine and educate the younger ones of the family in the art of dancing. Create those precious memories together and pass down a craft that will build your legacy.

An incredible variable lace-up system and fully built-in arch support creates unmatched stability in a dancing shoe. A cushioned heel, flexibility within the arch, and a supportive anti-skid sole lets you dominate the floor. The versatile sneaker is shock-absorbing, very comfortable and has a modern and trendy look that keeps your feet healthy even when highly strained.