Slimming Hi-Waist Panty


Dreaming of an hourglass figure? Quit dreaming and make it a reality with this high-waist undergarment! Unlike other shapers that are too tight and uncomfortable, this one is a joy to wear!

Ladies, meet your new best friend!

  • it reduces the appearance of rolls underneath your clothes while smoothing out your tummy and sides
  • stays up your torso and won't roll down even if you squat or lean over
  • it is smooth and lightweight so it hardly ever shows up even under slinky dresses
  • won't curl or dig into your stomach
  • ensures a smoother back profile with no visible bra lines
  • it's comfortable and breathable enough to be worn all day or night
  • prevents any unpleasant odor, sweat, and skin irritation
  • look and confident in any dresses with a more attractive figure!

Hiding everything that needs to be hidden while still allowing you to breathe, what's not to like?


  • Waist, Hip, and Butt Enhancer
  • High-Waist Design for Better Coverage
  • With Waist Steel Bone to Minimize the Seams from Rolling
  • Seamless Design
  • Material: Bamboo Fiber, Cotton, Spandex


Note: Please refer to size chart below for accurate measurements.

Women's Sizes