Wyoming Sandals


The soft superior arch-support Wyoming Sandals are here to add a dash of balance to your life.

A potent color paired with a thorough design that considers foot health is Wyoming.

Walk through life confidently and hold your head high.

STAY COOL WHILE EXERCISING:Wear an airy shoe while exercising through heat, stay dry, let your feet breathe and forget about worries. With the amazing Wyoming Athlete’s foot has no chance.

SHOW OFF TO YOUR GIRLFRIENDS:A stable curved outsole paired with a smart material placement that protects your toes, ankle and heel lets you walk with confidence. A cherry on top, colorful design that impresses your closest friends.

TAKE THE CHILDREN TO THE PARK:Thanks to a midsole air cushion, the walking pressure, which otherwise can lead to painful walking or plantar fasciitis, gets redistributed and minimized.

STAY HEALTHY AS DAYS PASS BY: Superior arch support through an innovative outsole helps with pre-existing conditions and prevents new conditions from developing. Flat foot can be rehabilitated that much faster thanks to Wyoming.

WALK ALL DAY LONG:A soft insole helps you deal with any issues that might have developed over time. Bunions don't rub and therefore are no longer as painful and plantar warts do not get irritated further.

Breathable mesh, toe protection and a durable non-slip sole are here to deliver a complete shoe to your doorstep. With a velcro closure and a lightweight design, the sandals feel like clouds and support you through whole days of wear.