Athena Sandals


Like the Goddess Athena, you rule your life with wisdom and achieve your goals through inner strength.

Make your life that much better with a comfortable shoe that looks amazing, feels great, and lasts through all the hot summer days.

Athena Strappy Sandals are here to support you on your adventures.

  • Thick platform outsole that protects you from the heated up streets
  • Curved back zipper closure for a perfect fit
  • Soft inner zipper cover that prevents rubbing and blisters
  • A bounce to your step added by a comfortable insole
  • Artificial leather design to preserve our animal kingdom
  • Elastic adjustable top strap buckle accent

The beautiful Athena Wedge provides you with a soft suede backing that makes all the difference during the short wear-in period and long wear. The durable sandals are not just for looks, we have created them to support your needs. A soft insole and textured outsole are optimal for long summer day walks or parties.