Pedicure Foot Care Tools Set

Multifunctional Pedicure Tools Set: The foot care products are effectively remove corn, dead skin, stubborn callus and thick nails safely and painlessly, peel the dead or rough skin. Leaving you with baby-soft and smooth feet and make you enjoy the fun of foot caring. Suitable for both professional and at-home pedicure.
  • These foot files can effectively solve dead skin
  • Callus Scraper: Scrapes off dead skin and calluses with a blade on the soles of the feet.
  • Stainless Steel Coarse File: Preliminary clean dead skin. Made of stainless steel, easy to clean and anti-rust.
  • Stainless Steel Fine File: For finer grinding of calluses on the soles of the feet.
  • Dead Skin Shovel: Two in one function, one side can polish the nail surface, and one side can trim the dead skin on both sides of the nail.
  • Nail Polishing File: Polish the nail surface to make the nail surface smoother.
  • Cuticle Fork: Used to trim the dead skin around the nails.
  • Nail Shaver: Smooth out the dead skin on the nail surface.