Byzantium Boots


The cool Lace-Up Byzantyum Boots are made for comfortable walking and stunning first impressions.

When you wear the retro and steampunk mix boots, you enter the world where you can take on anything. You are a warrior that rules this Earth.

Be the queen of the apocalyptic worlds, choose Byzantium.

  • A waterproof platform to overcome Fall puddles
  • High-end leather stitching for a durable boot 
  • Nos-slip outsole that lets you walk through winter confidently
  • Shock-absorptionheel for comfortable walking on gravel
  • Faux leather to preserve the animal kingdom
  • Curved insole for feet health and convenience

The shoe that is inspired by the Martens boot style also features a fashionable mid-length heel and asymmetric accents. The sturdy lace-up laces give you extra comfort and stability while walking through all four seasons of the year. Wear Byzantyum daily or take them to Comic-Con and embody the heroine that inspires you the most.