Vienna Runner


The athletic dream Vienna Runnerr is here to provide you with a lightweight fit while you rule your own world.

Fun accents paired with a universal color let you match the shoes with any outfit.

Jog or laze around, Vienna will keep that secret. 

PARTICIPATE IN ALL THE ACTIVITIES YOU LOVE:Say ''yes'' to everything you ever wanted to do. A smart pressure redistribution minimizes strain on your feet.

REMEMBER THE SUPPORT OF THE FAMILY:RSVP ''YES'' to every family gathering. Big or small, indoors and outdoors, you can create precious memories with the youngest generation.

BE INDEPENDENT IN EVERYTHING YOU DO:Become able to do what you used to through a shoe that helps retain the muscle mass in your legs. 

LOVE YOUR LIFE:Say ''NO'' to being stuck indoors, on the couch, without a chance to indulge in life. Start with baby steps and grow to where you can walk for hours, pain-free.

IMPRESS YOUR GIRLFRIENDS:When it is time to gather together and catch up, you are the queen of the party. The most fashionable and fit, marching through life with a huge smile on your lips.

Superior air-circulation matched with ankle and toe support through durable fabric helps you get the best wear out of the fashionable sneaker. A curved outsole with a nonslip finish supports your lifestyle. A classic tab in the back and fun-colored laces add a cheerful finish to the style.