Tyga Hiking Shoes

Meet the explosive colors of Tyga Shoes. They reflect your personality perfectly and brighten up the day of those around you.

Walk healthy, stay strong and say no to aging with a shoe that is made to let you walk longer.

Tyga is for the brave, the bold, and those who won't give up.

THE HIKE IS NOT TOO STRENUOUS: If you had dreams of travel that you thought impossible to achieve because of reduced strength in your legs, it is time to turn to Tyga. With a special curved sole walking pressure is redistributed and pain reduced.

YOUR FAMILY NEEDS YOU: Time is precious and so are the moments you will get to spend with the little ones. Make each day meaningful and walk fearlessly even when your feet have bunions. Lightweight Tyga conforms to your needs and avoids irritation.

YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN: Asking for help is okay but doing it yourself feels better. Breathable material paired with a lightweight design puts less stress on your legs, letting you feel refreshed and strong in the face of thousand steps.

A SOLE WITH A GRIP: No more threat from slippery surfaces. Tyga reinforced non-slip sole lets you walk with confidence and worry less about what-ifs that have now become extremely unlikely.

SOFT SHELL COMFORT: Soft padding all-around you adjust to your foot shape and prevents any additional feet problems from developing, letting you enjoy a better life.

Featuring a padded heel counter and a tab that lets you put on Tyga in a jiffy, the sports sneaker is designed to captivate and keep you comfortable. Enjoy stretchy tie-less laces, save your time and have fun.