Sarah Slip-Ons

Sarah Slip-Ons are the simple yet vibrant shoes that every woman should have in her closet. They are the fashionable answer to all your prayers.
Enjoy simplicity with a shoe that will never take forever to put on. Go for your morning jog or run out to do groceries feeling like you are walking on clouds.
Skip all the unnecessary, choose Sarah!

SAVE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME: Machine wash without worry, slip into and go, wear these breathable cotton trainers for casual workouts and everyday errands.

LACE-FREE IS PAIN-FREE: Sarah offers the convenience that every shoe should. Without laces or tight fabrics, it conforms to your feet and fits like a glove.

RUN YOUR OWN LIFE: With an outsole designed to accommodate your needs, this is the shoe for you. Take the charge, back into your hands and achieve everything independently.

SPEND HOURS OUTDOORS: Retain the muscle mass in your legs by being able to walk and jog longer. When the shoe fits and discomfort minimizes, minutes turn into hours.

NEVER MISS OUT:When the family calls, you say ''YES'' to all the fun sporty activities together. Why? Because now you don't have to feel like you will hold everyone back.

The quality breathable fabric of Sarah lets you go sock-less, while a refreshingly lightweight design takes the strain off your legs and lets you feel cloudlike walking perfection.  A high-end latex insole cushions your steps and creates additional comfort. The vulcanized outsole lasts while an easy-wear elastic saves your time.