Rome Slip-On Sneakers

Light Gray
Dark Gray
Make a step and breathe a sigh of relief with the comfortable Rome Sock-Style Sneakers.
An all-encompassing stretch design accommodates existing health conditions.
A style that looks chick and fashionable no matter the age group.
HUGS IN ALL THE RIGHT WAYS: No matter your foot type, Rome fits. If you have come out of surgery, Rome fits. When you are swollen, Rome fits.
A REFRESHING WAY TO ACHIEVE:When you have a sturdy sole and stretchy upper material combo, you can live life freely and without the worry of pain.
LET THE LITTLE ONES ENTERTAIN YOU: More movement in your life means health in the long run. With Rome, you can jump, dance, and kick.
EXPLORE THE VIEWS THAT SEEMED FAR AWAY:Nature has so much to offer. You can indulge in its gifts. With Rome, a hike uphill is a possibility for today
SAY ''NO'' TO RESTRICTIONS:Nothing should be able to stop you from joy, and Rome makes sure that you can access your inner bliss through a life taken in your own hands.
A breathable insole and a flexible style let you live pain-free when you struggle with bunions, athlete's foot, or other pre-existing conditions. A lightweight knit fabric keeps perspiration away and a touch of color adds an oomph to your step. Gel cushioning helps redistribute pressure and helps prevent new conditions from developing.