Persia Hiking Sneakers


It is tough staying active as years go by, especially during those cold winter months. The insulated Persia Hiking Bootie is the answer you have been looking for.

Enjoy outings during the chilly months with a shoe that supports a healthy lifestyle.

Walk further, stay cozy and enjoy the cold days to the fullest!

FEEL WARM AND FUZZY INSIDE: Thanks to the amazing lining, you are set to have a good time while participating in outdoor activities. A great solution for you if you struggle with Raynaud's syndrome.

TREK WITH FAMILY: Thanks to an ergonomic design, you no longer have to make excuses to get out of the active family gatherings. The perfect shoe that treats your feet right is here to let you enjoy precious moments.

DON'T STOP FOR A MOMENT: With a soft insole and lining, your calves are protected from blisters and calluses don't create issues anymore. 

ENJOY WINTER ACTIVITIES:No more freezing your toes. Ice fishing and winter festivals are all a pain-free possibility.

BE MOST PREPARED IN YOUR FRIEND GROUP:Make plans with all of your girlfriends, push yourself to do the things you thought impossible. With Persia, you can build up the muscle mass in your legs and restart your bucket list.

Elastic closure, environmentally-friendly faux fur, non-slip outsole, and a perfect curvature for your feet let you wear Persia for hours without added strain to your legs. The ideal solution to cold feet, the sneaker retains heat and keeps the most important part of your body well insulated.