Nana Slip-On Runner

Black & Gray

The chunky Nana Slip-On Sneaker is what everyone has been waiting for. Choose between dual tones or captivating solids.

Give yourself that much-needed confidence boost with a shoe that adds extra inches to your height and complements a dress as much as a pair of jeans.

Sports casual is here to make every one of your days 100% better.

  • STYLE: Sleek outsole curve for style and comfort
  • FIT: Ribbed design stretch that adjusts to your feet
  • KNIT UPPER: Breathable weaved knit for healthy air circulation 
  • SUPPORT: Soft insole with arch support for long-hour walking
  • COMFORT: Air cushioning for shock absorption in the heel
  • PUT IT ON IN 2 SEC: Sock imitation wear for easy pull-on and off

Clean lines meet stretchy knit in a runner that features a high fashion look. Breathable mesh adjusts to your needs and a gel cushion adds a spring to your step. To consider your health, and added outsole curve that keeps your feet in a comfortable position all day long.