Mithril Sneakers


A sleek design that makes you feel like a boss is here, and it is the amazingly comfortable Mithril Sneaker.

An all-terrain design, this is a shoe that lets you go on all your adventures.

Feel good, look sleek, wear Mithril.

CREATE PRECIOUS MOMENTS:Re-launch your travel plans and take beautiful hikes in Mesa Verde, Yellowstone, or Mt. Rushmore with a shoe that supports all those long walks.

PARTICIPATE IN YOUR FAVORITE ACTIVITIES:If you love an active lifestyle, but the health of your feet keeps dragging you down, Mithril can solve the problem through reinforced boosted sole.

LIVE IN FREEDOM:Say ''NO'' to restrictions that keep you from running your own errands and planning your time your way. Walk longer hours in a padded shoe. 

WORKOUT TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT:Passionate about staying on top of your game and healthy? Put on Mithril and join all the classes you love, with the friends you adore.

SPEND MORE TIME WITH FAMILY:Participate and savor the memory of seeing your loved one's smile during all the outdoor activities. Play tag and soccer together.

A sturdy non-slip sole accommodates you on every walk during any weather conditions. The solid faux-leather finish prevents moisture from seeping through the runner, and elements for breathability create a better environment for dry feet. A strategic curve and platform combination make the fit that keeps your feet healthy.