Marie Running Shoes


Marie Runner combines high-quality materials with an innovative platform and curve design that is made specifically to keep you stable.

The durable sole features fun colors and a unique texture that will set you apart from the crowd.

Just like the popping tones, let your smile shine bright as you walk pain-free.

CUSHION YOUR WALK:With a curved double platform sole, you feel like walking on clouds making long walks in the park a renewed reality in your life.

CREATE NEW MEMORIES: Those precious moments of children laughing are irreplaceable. Marie accommodates existing health concerns by stretching and conforming to your needs.

LIVE WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS:There is nothing to fear. Set your health goals and Marie will help you retain the leg muscle mass you need to continue living an active lifestyle for years to come.

GO PAIN-FREE: Joint pain got you tied down? You will learn that Marie lets you add a couple of steps to your daily routine every day. Improvement is our goal for you.

STAY STABLE AND SAFE: Falls become extremely dangerous as your bones weaken. The slight curve and non-slip sole let you glide as you walk and keep you steady even on slippery surfaces.

A wear-resistant non-slip outsole paired with a breathable mesh keeps your feet refreshed and dry during long walks. Lightweight fabric in a chunky sneaker reduces the fatigue you experience during long walks. With a cushioned design, inside and out, the sneaker feels like a house slipper made for the outdoors.