Laila High Heel Sandals

Size Guide

Laila Platform Sandals are here to improve your comfort level while in heels! The soft and breathable shoes are perfect for hot summer days.

Add a cherry on top of your look. Choose a sandal that will let you slip in and out easily and won't rub on your feet. The innovative design lets you forget that you are wearing a platform heel even when walking in Laila sandals for hours.

Achieve a boost of confidence with a shoe you love!

  • Comfort that prevents blisters from forming
  • Cruelty-free soft PU leather
  • No more sweating during hot weather
  • Professional stitching that creates a durable shoe
  • The perfect statement piece to wear all day long
  • Strong moisture absorption for anti-sweat walking

Get going in style with a shoe that complements any and every outfit you choose to wear. Gain a few inches of height without sacrificing your comfort. Laila is made of soft artificial leather and supports your ankle while you live your best life.