Kayle Cushioned Sneakers

Size Guide
Kayle Cushioned Sneakers are here to simplify your life and fashion up your wardrobe.

Let your feet breathe through a lightweight fabric that keeps you in a healthy environment while living an active lifestyle. Even after hours of movement, Kayle feels like nothing more than the most cushioned house slippers.

The effortless pastel style will look stunning paired with jogging pants or a pair of comfortable jeans.
BE THE FASHION QUEEN OF YOUR FRIEND GROUP: With soft and beautiful colors, you can dress up or down and still be the most fashionable woman around. Show off your style to the ladies that are close to your heart, do a twirl so everyone can see the youthful glow you possess

SPEND MEANINGFUL TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY: Remember those family activities that you could not participate in because of constant fatigue during long walks? Zoo visits, hikes and picnics are now a possibility with a sneaker that supports you through all life's precious moments.

RETURN TO YOUR YOUTH WITH RENEWED ENERGY:All the things you thought too hard to do? Your life is back in your hands again. Regain the control that seemed to slip out of your hands. Forget about restrictions that life imposed on your feet in the past.

FULFILL YOUR BUCKET LIST THROUGH REDUCED PAIN:All these once-in-a-lifetime life events that you thought were no longer a possibility for you? They can become reality once more. Visit that big city you always wanted to wander through and fulfill your dreams.

PARTICIPATE IN EVER IMPORTANT MOMENT OF LIFE:How many important life events have you been forced to miss because of the pain in your feet? Put your foot down with proper footwear and join your loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries and family reunions.

Kayle provides you with the breathability and cushioning necessary for your feet to stay healthy and pain-free. The durable stretch fabric conforms to your feet and the thick sole supports you through hours of movement. Kayla is here to prevent fatigue and let you live a fulfilling life once again.