Kayle Rainbow Sneakers

Kayle Rainbow Sneakers are the first choice for healthy hikes, pain-free workouts and house-slipper comfort wherever you go.

Enjoy a flexible footbed that offers complete support when you are on the move and ready to go. A shoe that imposes no restriction and promotes an active lifestyle, Kayle protects you from blisters and the discomfort that stiff shoes promote.

✔ Adjusts to your foot shape completely
✔ Insole that feels like a cloud
✔ Keeps your feet perspiration-free
✔ Wears comfortably from day one
✔ Earns millions of compliments from others
GEL CUSHIONING- enjoy house-slipper comfort that lets you spend all the time with your loved ones

ARCH SUPPORT- recover from walking pain and increase the hours you can spend on your feet daily

DURABLE STRETCH FABRIC- utilize superior fit even after surgery and walk without discomfort

LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN- with Kayle, you no longer have to miss all the outdoor family get-togethers

COMPLIMENT MACHINE - outshine the competition and lift your spirits even during rainy days