Earth Sneakers


The athletic Earth fashion sneaker is made for a woman that loves to lead an active lifestyle while keeping up a refined appearance.

Strategic accents paired with timeless colors create a runner that speaks volumes. 

Let your feet sing, wear Earth and feel good. 

2022 FASHION TRENDSETTER: Popping colors and an innovative style creates compliments wherever you go and boosts your confidence in a healthy way.

MEANINGFUL TIME SPENT WITH FAMILY: An athletic health-conscious design lets you walk longer distances. Now you can spend the whole day at the Zoo with the smallest ones in the family.

REVISIT YOUR BUCKET LIST:You no longer have to give up on the dreams that call for more movement. With the right shoe, 10000 steps a day are a pain-free breeze.

TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE:Thanks to a moldable design, existing conditions like athlete's foot and bunions are less of a challenge when wearing Earth. Now you can enjoy a quiet walk in the park without distractions.

STAY HEALTHY:When you wear the right shoe, it is easier to stick to your daily wellness goals

The athleisure sneaker boasts a breathable mesh fabric paired with faux leather elements. A non-slip outsole paired with a padded insole creates an optimal environment for your feet. You are sure to experience comfort from the first time wearing Earth.