Cozy Slides

Size Guide

The insanely comfortable Cozy Slides are here to provide you with pain relief even when walking on the hardest of surfaces.

Cozy slides create cushy living. With a thick non-slip sole, you get to forget about joint pain and walking aches. Smile in relief thanks to layers of support that let you live in comfort all day long through reduced pressure.

✔ Provides you with house-slipper comfort
✔ Cushions your every step, eliminating discomfort
✔ Instant joint pain relief
✔ All-day cloud comfort cushioning
✔ Offers fashion and convenience

SOFTNESS SUPPORT - forget pain, now you can spend all day on the move, wearing clouds

HEAVENLY BALANCE - your heel and ball of foot stay relaxed even after all-day walking

COZY CUSHIONING SOLE - pressure on your legs is reduced, letting you enjoy instant pain relief 

ALL-DAY COMFORT - you feel so good in Cozies that wearing them 24/7 becomes a goal

ANTI-SLIP OUTSOLE- raised trim with textured sole keeps your foot firmly rested in the versatile shoe, preventing chafing and blister formation