Carmen Slip-Ons


Enjoy every fashionista's dream, the fabulous Carmen Slip-on loafers. Bedazzle every day no matter where you go.

Show off your personality through the fashion you wear. Carmen is fun, bold, and unforgivingly herself. Just like you!

Slip-on and shine on!

BE COMFORTABLE NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO: These are the perfect shoes to slip into and go. Wear them on the girl's night out or doing everyday tasks.

YOU ARE THE STAR OF THE PARTY:Add a cherry to your outfit by being a bit bold, a lot of fun, and incredibly unforgettable. Just like you, these slip-ons are not afraid to shine!

MATCH WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND AND FAMILY: Reflective feminine elements meet masculine additions, creating the perfect balance of strong and free. It is a shoe that everyone relates to.

BE READY FOR EVERY OCCASION: Formal or fun, lounging or spending time with family, Carmen is appropriate for every occasion, a true companion wherever you are.

BE COMFORTABLE WHILE WEARING FASHION: Abundant rhinestone detailing brings forth your personality, while a comfortable padded insole keeps you pain-free as you walk.

The flat sole platform adds an inch to your height and a flare to your look. Thick thread attachment adds to both, fashion and durability. Easy-wear elastic attachments to the tongue of the shoe let you waste no time. Vulcanized outsole for a long-lasting garment serves you through seasons.