Carla Sneakers

Size Guide

The high-comfort Carla Sneakers is here to relieve your discomfort while adding a fabulous touch to your look. It is the perfect mix of fashion and athletics.

Be the one with the most unique footwear in your friend group. Choose to wear what inspires and makes you happy.

Go for a jog with style!

  • An orthopedic outsole arch keeps your feet in the right position
  • Slip into the sneakers without worrying about annoying shoelaces
  • A convenient strap helps you put on the shoes
  • Edgy style meets the perfect running shoe
  • Breathable fabric keeps you refreshed during hot days

A durable rubber outsole is accompanied by a comfortable insole. The inside material of the shoe is as soft as the outside is spikey. Your ankles enjoy double protection with a smooth fabric around them. You canĀ put Carla on and getĀ to where you need going.