Brianna Sneakers

Size Guide

The sleek and fun girl's shoe is here. Brianna embodies every powerful woman that rules her own life.

Brianna brings back the youthful bounce to your step, it bedazzles and brightens up your world.

Walk with confidence, walk pain-free.



BETTER BLOOD CIRCULATION:Thanks to the breathable knit mesh that wears and feels like a sock, better blood circulation in your feet reduces the chances of paresthesia and discomfort it brings. No more tingling sensation and numb feet!

HEALTHY CURVATION:Brianna promotes longer hours of activity and lets you enjoy your time outdoors pain-free. Superior arch support and cushioned insole create the best environment for your feet.

NATURE TIME WITH FLUFFY FAMILY: Take your pets out for fun and engaging strolls. Through an air cushion that reduces impact strain, joint pains and even heel spur discomfort can be reduced to a minimum.

ONLY GOOD MEMORIES: When you are with family, you want to create the best memories. Pain has no place in these precious moments. Wear the lightweight Brianna and laugh with the little ones all day long.

INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM: You can achieve so much while relying on your own strength. When walking is no longer a dreadful experience you can plan your own day and go on your own adventures.

Superior elasticity, breathable upper mesh material that hugs your feet snuggly without rubbing or creating discomfort. Minimalistic yet eye-popping style elements that make you the queen of your social circle. Brianna is an empowering shoe for every stage in your life.